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June 10, 2013

Design Team: Caroline Duncan Week 10 Term 6

Sweet Cupcakes: Part 2

See Part 2 of Caroline's cake challenge tutorial! 

Hi Everyone!  Today I am sharing a mini tutorial of how to stamp and die cut the Photo Frost Sheets in your eBosser to make flowers and embellishments for your decorated cakes.  You can use any shapes with matching stamps and dies, or you can always just trace around the outside edge of your fondant die cuts with a food writer pen. 

First I washed and dried all my stamps, dies and tools.  I also place waxed paper on top of my eBosser’s C plate and another piece on top of all the dies and fondant before stacking on the A plate.  Stamp your designs by applying an edible food writer pen directly to your stamp.  My pen colors were bolder than my pastel Photo Frost Sheets were, so I off-stamped onto a paper towel first to remove some of the food dye before stamping onto the fondant sheets.

To die cut the leaves and flowers, make a template for the dies by taping a piece of clean copy paper to the die to make a hinge and die cut the paper out.  Then open the hinge and align with the stamped image. 

 Once aligned, tape the template to the fondant in an area that is not stamped so that it will not move when you turn the entire assembly over for die cutting with the cutting edges up in the eBosser.  I use 2 pieces of tape per die.  Since the Photo Frost Sheets are about the same thickness as heavy cardstock, the die cutting sandwich for the eBosser is the regular combination (from bottom up: D, E, B, C, wax paper, dies, fondant, wax paper, A.)  

Use a toothpick to help remove the fondant from the dies.  Shape the flowers and leaves using a stylus tool and Wilton foam.  Use a dab of icing as your ‘glue’ to assemble the flowers and add some edible candies as the flower centers.


Thank you Caroline!

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Are you liking all of Caroline's attention to detail?! We can't wait for her reveal!


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