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February 20, 2013

Design Team: Kim Gaughan Week 7 Term 5

Whimsical Wish Necklace
Today's project is to DIE for! Did you know you can emboss metal with a regular embossing folder on the eBosser? Well you can! Kim Gaughan will show you how, on today's post!
Hi Everyone!
One of my past projects was a Cherry Blossom necklace using metal charms and Vintaj Embossing Dies/Folders. There were also two really amazing projects on the Craftwell Blog using metal and the eBosser. Caroline used Mocha 40 gauge metal by Ten Seconds Studio to make a really awesome tag. And Debi used soda cans to make a really cool hair embellishment. After seeing their two projects, I got up the courage to test out the metal charm blanks in a regular plastic embossing folder. I've never done it before and I wasn't quite sure it would work. First, I prayed to the craft gods that I wouldn't somehow harm my eBosser or the embossing folder. Then, I tested it out on an embossing folder that I wouldn't cry about if I ruined, and it worked really well. Awesome!!! So, after that test run, I took out one of my favorite Craftwell Embossing Folders called Whimsical Wishes and embossed some beautiful charms that I made into a necklace.
The platform combination for this is the same as a regular embossing folder. A plate on top, then embossing folder with the charm blanks inside, C plate, D plate on bottom. The metal charms you use should be 24gauge thick.

-eBosser by Craftwell
-embossing folder: Whimsical Wishes by Craftwell (letter size)
-Metal Charm Blanks: 1 - 34mm round (24gauge) and 3 small round circles (24gauge) by Vintaj
-Vintaj Patina in Verdigris
-Chain in antique brass
-jump rings
-2 seed beads
-jewelry pliers - flat nose/needle nose; wire cutters to cut chain
-paint brush
-non stick craft surface (for painting on)
-disposable gloves
- safety glasses
- Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block
First, I placed the charms in the embossing folder on the parts that I wanted to emboss. I placed the embossing folder in the platform stack ( A plate on top, then embossing folder with the charm blanks inside, C plate, D plate on bottom.) and embossed it in the eBosser. The metal charms did mark up my embossing folder a little bit (see pic below on left), which I was concerned about, but after running a plain piece of cardstock through the embossing folder and eBosser, the cardstock came out clean and didn't seem to have charm imprints on it (see pic below on right).
Next I sanded the embossed charms with the Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block. 
Then I applied the Vintaj Patina in Verdigris with a paint brush, let the charms dry, and then sanded them again with the reliefing block.
Then I cut 2 pieces of chain at 8 inches, attached the clasp on an end of each one with jump rings, and then attached the bigger charm with 2 jump rings on the other end of the chain. To hang the smaller charms, I attached each one to a piece of chain with a jumpring ( 1 1/2 inch, 2 inch, and 2 1/2 inch chain lengths) and attached them to a jumpring with a seed bead in the middle to space them out. I then attached the jumpring to the back of the charm. (see below pic).
And now your necklace is complete and ready to wear! I haven't had an issue with the patina paint coming off, but Vintaj does make a glaze that you can put on top of it. I just haven't used it yet! Make sure to wear safety glasses (especially when cutting chain) and gloves when painting and sanding.
How cool is it that the eBosser can emboss metal charms with a regular embossing folder?! I'm super excited about it. Now, I'm thinking I may need two of each embossing folder from now on -- one for paper and one for metal charm blanks.

If you have any questions please ask below. Have you tried embossing or cutting anything besides cardstock with your eBosser?
Happy Crafting!
Thank you Kim! See more of Kim's projects on her blog here:
Are you impressed with Kim's necklace? If so, leave her a comment! She would love to hear it!


  1. I've just found this site & as l've an embosser - which sadly has been untouched since it arrived end November/begin December due to illness & spasms, like today where the left hand & arm & left side of face goes into spasm & can stay for days on end, Physio gets it out & following day it's back in.......!! meaning that at the moment l can't craft.
    Totally digressed, as well as jewellery do you/Craft Team show different card ideas on this web site & do you place something/ideas everyday? if so l shall follow you. Thank you.

  2. I just got my Ebosser and I'm loving it!!! I made some jewelry pieces out of a coke can and they turned out great!!

  3. Glad to hear you are loving your eBosser @Danita! @Dawn, we have new projects everyday!Be sure to follow!

    Team Craftwell


  5. @Debi,

    Yes! the eBosser is compatible with pretty much any embossing folder on the market, as it is a universal machine. While this necklace was not created with the Vintaj folders, Kim used them in other tutorials.

    Team Craftwell


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