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January 4, 2013

Design Team Term 5: Welcome Back Debi Tullier!

Welcome Back Debi!
As we finish our week of reveal, we are excited to include are fabric queen, Debi! She is super excited for this term, as she will get to explore and show you how to utilize the eBosser with fabric projects!
We can't wait for her tutorials!
I'm Debi Tullier, I'm a mixed media artist and seasoned eCrafter. Paper and fabric ignite my creative juices, I love the thrill of discovering new methods of expressing my self and feel everyday is an opportunity to learn so much more. I love creating projects for challenges and having to think outside of my comfort zone. I bought my eCraft to use for my applique creations in my quilting passion, but have grown to use it for paper projects too! I love to incorporate watercolor, colored pencils, and markers into my projects. I also have taught adult, and children’s art and sewing classes, I am an HSA certified Sewing Instructor. I have two degrees in art, one in Fine Arts, and the other in Graphic Arts. You'll find my work published in a German Trade magazine for my Wurlitzer Juke Building Facade, and I also have my illustrations in several books. Each and every day is a gift and I want to savor it all!!
Make sure to visit Debi's blog here:


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  2. I just received my ecraft machine. I have a craft business and deadlines to meet 4 of which are today!!!! I'm totally freaking out!!!!

    I purchased this machine and had it delivered priority so that I could get these projects done once my old machine crashed and burned!!! I spent about 8 hours yesterday reading blogs, trying this and that and I am unable to get my ecraft to work with the software. I need particular fonts to do these projects. I know they are communicating to each other because the machine is moving in the direction to complete the cut. My problem is, its not cutting. I have adjusted the pressure to every setting. I even removed the cover to the blade and it tried to cut but of course only tore my vinyl which I expected but wanted to see if it was at least recognizing the software. It is! I have made sure the trolley is down completely, I've changed the blade. I'm at a loss! I would really appreciate it if someone would call me today. Please!!! Earlier rather than later would be so amazing!!! I have never missed a deadline and I so dont want to have to call my customers. Please dont make me do that!!! I'm groveling now, thats how bad this is! I know this machine is going to be great if I could ever get it to work properly. Again, thank you so much!!! My email is

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