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November 14, 2012

Team Craftwell: Jazmin Gibbons

Christmas Gift Box
We have another project from Team Craftwell's Jazmin Gibbons! See what she created today!
Hi everyone! So excited for today's post! I was lucky enough to try out Carta Bella's paper, Alphabet Junction paper for today's project. What I like about that particular collection is the bright mix of fresh colors, with some Alphabet patters and some cute school inspiration thrown in.
I decided to start on my Christmas preparations early, because it seems I'm always doing last minute things the night before Christmas like wrapping gifts! And quite frankly, I'm done with that! I want to relax, and enjoy the fire this year for a change!
So, this year has been tough. Isn't it for everyone? We decided to cut back on gifts and instead do service projects for each other. While Santa, will bring my two adorable kids gifts (he gets all the credit!) I also like to gift them one gift each, but again, we decided to focus on the reason for the season, and less on presents.
Using Carta Bella's Alphabet Junction I covered an old box I had (I used to receive Birchbox Boxes, and recycled them as they make cute present boxes!) and inside, are some coupons!
I made coupons for the kids to 'redeem' when needed, instead of the usual gift.
Some of the coupons they can redeem, are these types of things:
-Skip Cleaning your room
-Wake up SUPER late on Saturday!
-This coupon is good for one treat while at the grocery store!
-Be messy coupon! "Skip cleaning your room, and crumble up this paper and throw it on the floor! Today is the day to be messy!"
"Play on mommy's phone for 20 mins without being interrupted!"
This box is obviously for my girly girl Olivia.. But Matthew will get his also! Except I'm cutting out Dinasours and skipping on the butterflies and doily!
Ok, the How To:
 Any Box, I recycle the packaging of past gifts too!
eCraft with Fundemental's 1 Card (included in eCraft)
Paper Doily ( I found mine at the Dollar Store, and use them quite on many projects!)
Alphabet Junction Collection by Carta Bella
Glue dots
mini embellishments
Glitter Gold Pen to paint stem on butterfly. (it's glitter gold, but didn't sparkle in pic)
Use a glue stick to glue down the doily to the box. Use your eCraft to cut out three butterflies in three sizes (largest to smallest) Then use your glue dots to stack one to the other and set aside,
Wrap Twine around the lid, and fasten under lid. (You can do this as a final step around the entire box, but I did this way so that my 5 year old can open it with ease)
Place Butterfly on when you would like to position ( I choose left side)

Next cut a strip of paper and glue it down, add decorative pennant stickers.

Cut a tag out, and use more stickers to embellish. I used a mini clothes' pin for added interest.
And you are done! You can do anything to a box and as long at it has cute paper and a note, you got yourself a cute present wrap! I hope you liked my tutorial!
Thank you Jazmin!
See more of Jazmin's projects on her personal blog here:


  1. This is beautiful!! Your daughter will surely like that fun butterfly and both kids will LOVE using those coupons. Wonder if they will use them all right away or save them for later in the year....

  2. Thank you Caroline! I don't know if the kids will just want to reedem them all at once! But if they do, I'm in trouble!



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