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November 28, 2012

Team Craftwell: Jazmin Gibbons Week 21 Term 4

Love Birthday Card
We love simple card ideas, and today Jazmin has one that you can create in 5 minutes!
See the tutorial below:
Hi everyone! I have another easy card idea for you! This time, I created a card because I have this adorable Dear Lizzy paper stack with vellum and I really wanted to find a way to use VELLUM!
I have looked and sat at my craft desk for some time, trying to figure out what to do with vellum. I mean, it's tricky!
Vellum is soo pretty, but I feel if you die cut it, then it doesn't do much? I mean the reason I like the vellum is to see it! and cutting it down, just seems like it's breaking it up and not in a good way. There are exeptions of course, but mostly I like seeing it!
My baby girl will be 6 in a few months and she wants a 'Cotton Candy' theme.. yeah.. I don't know what I'm going to do with that!
But I liked the clouds vellum in the dear lizzy line, so I created this quick card with thoughts of cotton candy and flowers!
Laina Lamb Office Essenctials SD card
Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Paper Pad (has flag stickers included)
number sticker
white card stock folded to make a card base
How to:
  • I cut rectagle strips of vellum, and scrap paper to fit my card. I used staples to 'glue' down the vellum  at the top of my card, so it looked nice and tight and glop free!
  • I then took my eCraft and used the roladex image card and used my eCraft pro shop to cut out the word LOVE out and glued and placed in the middle of my card.
  • I cut another strip of scrapbook paper and glued below the roladex card.
  • I used Dear Lizzy stickers to fill in the negative spaces!
To make sure it all looked put together and not messy, I made sure to leave the same amount of space all arond the card and in between strips of paper.
This card took me 5 minutes and if you know me, you know I'm the 10 minute scrapper. If I spend more time than that, I will create a crappy project. I like to strike whenever inspiration comes, and with the cotton candy on my mind this is what came out!
I hope you like my simple card! Now, on to {Pin} parties containing cotton candy....
Thank you Jazmin! See more of her project on her personal blog here:
Are you like Jazmin, and like to create when you have an idea? or do you like to get in your craft space and then craft and let ideas come as you create? We want to know!

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