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September 6, 2012

Team Craftwell: Jazmin Gibbons Week 9 Term 4

Halloween Pop Up Card
We have a cute and simple card, that makes a BIG impression! Today, Jazmin Gibbons of Team Craftwell will show you how easy it is to create this cute pop up card, using WorldWin papers!
Hi everyone! Always excited to 'act' as a guest designer! Although, today's project credit should really go to Worlwin Papers & the eCraft and eBosser!
I literally let them do all the work!
Yep. Didn't do much other than insert the amazing Worldwin paper into the eCraft, and hit cut!
Here is what I used to create this project:
Worldwin Paper (black, purple, and orange)
 Xyron Mega Runner
3D Glue Dots
SVG file from eCraft Central (Trick or Treat)
To create this card, I simply downloaded the SVG file onto my eCraft Pro Shop, I inserted a pumpking colored WorldWin cardstock to my eCraft, and send to cut. Worldwin paper is very high quality, and it was created to cut on the eCraft to perfection!
Just check out how well it cuts!
And check out the eBosser's embossing job on that cardstock! So perfect and crisp!
After my pop up card was cut, I took a black cardstock and the freshly cut pop up card and inserted them into the Regency embossing folder (the folder is HUGE! letter size) And I placed both cardstocks to fit in the folder so that the embossing job would match! Inserted the right combination of plates in the eBosser and VOILA! The embossing wad done in 15 seconds!
I simply glued the two cardstocks together folded them to create the card, and made sure to fold on the letter creases (on trick or treat part) that were done to create the pop up effect, and I was done!
To add a dash of color I simply cut two purple bats, and embossed them and glued them with 3D dots for more dimension. To the front of the card I added a cute embossed bat, and a paper flower.
A quick, and elegant spooky card done in minutes!
I hope you liked my simple tutorial!
Thank you Jazmin! See more of Jazmin's projects on her personal blog here:
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  1. LOVE LOVE I want my ebosser!!!! Soon I will see it on HSN with Folders and order.... wish I could win one :) Love the cards :)

  2. Jazmin this card is so cute! I love the embossing and the front of the card too.

  3. @Kim,

    Thank you! I honestly, didn't do much work! The ecraft and eBosser did it all! They are great little helpers! :)


    You will be happy you waited for the eBosser to hit HSN! The eBosser is worth the wait!


  4. Nice! Can't wait to play with those 8.5x 11" eBosser folders!


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