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September 24, 2012

Team Craftwell: 'Guest Spot' Jazmin Gibbons

 Forecast: Sunny & Bright

We love Worldwin Papers! See today's scrapbook layout created by Jazmin Gibbons of Team Craftwell, using the eCraft & Worldwin Papers.
Hi everyone! I'm back, but only as a Guest! I'm covering for Denise O'Connor, but don't worry it's just for today! She will be back next week!
Today, I created a cute scrapbook layout using my cute son as inspiration! Matthew turned 8 this year, and all of the sudden he's a grown up! Sigh... yep, he is totally developing his own sense of style and has a strong personality! Anyway, it has been a LONG time since I had scrapbooked, and in my absence it seems that scrapbooking has compleately changed!
BUT I must say that I like the new scrapbook style, where it seems that anything goes. I like the unstructured use of paint, and different colors and textures throw in at "random" It reminds me of art class as a kid, and creating magazine collages.
 I truly love it.
Anyway, here is my layout:
I took advantage of the fact that Worldwin Paper is our sponsor. I used their blue color cardstock, and used eCraft Pro Software to cut out the words: "Your future is so bright, you need shades..."
 LOVED cutting with Worldwin! The paper is amazing and without tabs, all the negatives just fell out! BTW does anyone know where this statement came from? Well, I'm sure it has been said before but this is Matthew's new motto, after he heard it on REGULAR SHOW.

I used Worldwin Paper metallic paper to place behind the words so it shines. It's so pretty! but hard to photograph without my camera making a cameo, as it is reflective like a mirror. LOL! BTW i used an old toothbrush with some paint, and 'splattered' the paint around the paper. I find this works really well, when wanting just a subtle touch of paint around your page.

All the tiny details like the post stamp cutout, tiny asterisks and stars where cut with Worldwin Paper's black striped paper.
And there you have it! I hope you liked my project today!
I kind of missed doing scrabook layouts, and this project reminded me how fun it is! I hope I inspired you some today!
See more of Jazmin's projects on her personal blog here:
Did you like today's project? Let us know!

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