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July 5, 2012

Summer Fun! Guest Post by Jazmin Gibbons

Cub Scout Camp Book

Jazmin is covering for the lovely Debi Tullier today, but Debi will be back next week! Until then, see what Jazmin Gibbons from Team Craftwell and her kids are doing to keep record of a fun filled week!

Hi everyone! I'm back! But don't worry, it's only temporary as Debi Tullier will be back with more of her lovely projects next week!

Today, I wanted to show you a sneak peek at a very fun little project my kids and I are creating together!

A few weeks back I volunteered to be a cub scout leader to accompany my son who is a new wolf scout to his first  cub scout camping experiece ever! Luckily, my 5 year old was able to attend as well, as a tag- along and got to do all of the fun stuff her big brother got to try at camp! The days were super HOT 100 degrees, and humid!!!!!! It was miserable for the adults, but the kids had such a good time, that it almost made me forget the heat... ALMOST but not quite. Still, I loved seeing my kids have so much fun, that I took as many pictures as possible so that, we could create a memory book!

I want to teach the kids how wonderful it is to record your special memories, and hopefully instill a love for scrapbooking at an early age.

We are using the eCraft to cut all of our materials! And I love that the kids are excited to start cutting their shapes, and are participating in the process!

So, far we have cut, glitter chipboard, wood veneer, and paper to make some of our embellishments! I also used a coupon at Michael's to add some campy stickers, and purchased the chipboard albums there as well! .50 cents for each!!!!!!! LOVE Michaels!!!

Here is a picture of our 'progress'

I used the eCraft pro shop to weld and cut the '2012' for our book. It added a woodsy feel!

Can you guess which of the two books is my little girls? lol! She is such a girl!

I will be using instegrams to fit as many pictures of our activities as possible to our book! Since they are 2x3 in size, I can fit quite a bit into the pages! To print instegrams, be sure to follow my tutorial here.

I will be back to show you my final project as we finish it! Again, I love that I'm getting my kids involved, and that they are learning to create as they see fit, so don't expect the final result to look professional, but do expect it to be something very special!

Jazmin Gibbons
Thank you Jazmin!

To see more of Jazmin's projects, visit her blog here.

Do you involve your kids when it comes to crafting?

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