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June 14, 2012

Design Team: Debi Tullier Week 10 Term 3

Father’s Day Wishes for All

Father's Day is just around the corner, and our Design Team has been creating the best ideas for the occasion! See how Debi created this sweet star studded card for her hubby!

Well here it is again another great celebration   and I have so much to share. I am delighted to make a card for my Husband. He   is a great father and husband. He is my crafting cheerleader as well. My   project this week is two-fold, I made not only a card using the wonderful   Pages of Honor a collection from Glimpses by SignifyPink. Please check out   their great collection of cardstock. They are selling out their current stock.   I also had my crafting class project as well! This week was a work out for my   Craftwell eCraft!

Father’s Day Popup Card SVG     from Susan BlueRobot

Craftwell Ecraft Die Cutting     Machine

A Sheet of solid colored     cardstock

Signify Pink’s Glimpses “Pages of     Honor

Xyron 5 inch stamp creator or     adhesive of your choice

Stickles –     Gold

Chipboard Stars

I really believe that this is pretty self easy and   yields a very nice and cute card. I love the Popup effect. I used a pressure   setting of 6 and a new blade. I also set to no tabs. I used my MTC software   for this project. I normally use the Ecraft Pro Software however. I cut the   main insert and then placed it in the Xyron Stamp Creator, I put a piece of   waxed paper behind the lettering so it would not adhere to the base card. I   next placed the popup on the base card. Quick and easy which is what I had to   have since I worked all last week on my Relay for Life event. I was a worker   for two teen girl co-captains. (you know I did all of the prep for the food   and they served and helped) I was totally crazy, I didn’t realize that I would   be so busy. The day before the event, I got up at  about 6 am Friday   morning to gather my stuff for my Senior Craft Class. I knew I would be    off to the relay event for setup right after the class.  I then worked   Relay for Life till 10:00 am the next day. Talk about tired, I used my   experience to relate to what Cancer patients experience in their fight for   life. No I am blessed and this no way is any way similar but very symbolic of   their journey. Staying all night reminds us of the awful journey when it seems   so hopeless. They are tired and yet they still fight on, then morning comes.   Hopefully bring a cure or remission or release. I brought this to my mind   every time I wanted to give up and go home.

I also learned never give a class on the day before   you stay up all night long to work a Relay. I wanted so much to share with you   about my new love, my Senior Center Class. I volunteer at the Center to bring   fun and hopefully laughter to the great people who make up the Center. I have   so much fun.

The Craftwell eCraft has really proved itself as a   great tool for my class. I was able to cut out 25 lacy boxes (SVGcuts) for our class. I had the battery tea lights for all. I put all of   my paper in the automatic feeder and set it up and it worked away to make the   cuts I needed. If not for this I would have had to cancel the class that   morning. This would have disappointed so many. The ladies and men love paper   crafting and the eCraft as it is so easy for them to use. Most are new to any   crafting and are just staring as it works away. I was so please as they glued   away and gave most away to a local nursing home. I am hoping to have a larger   project this coming week.

Needless to say I was exhausted after all of this, but it was so   worth it.
I just want to ask all you, if you have the   opportunity take the time to share your craft, just DO IT. Many people are not   aware or not fortunate to have the resources to have items we have. It is so   much fun to share. Some of them have bought cardstock and brought it to share   as well.  They have already decided to look into Holiday items to be   given as gifts to local nursing homes and also for some of the kids in the   area. Thank you so much to Craftwell and also to SVGcuts for helping me to   give in my community! You would not believe how happy and excited making these   lanterns made my participants!

Happy Father’s Day!


Thank you Debi! We are sure, your husband will love his sweet card!

See more of Debi's projects on her blog here:

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