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April 6, 2012

Design Team Term 3: Welcome Back, Jen!

Welcoming Back: Jennifer McCrae

We are so happy to have our 'Wild Child' back for another term! If you are new to the blog, and not familiar with Jen, then you should be! She is not only super creative, but is the funnest little writter, on our blog!

 Read her bio, and get to know her!

I’m Jennifer; a semi-stay at home mom who recently relocated to Central Texas from California (but I will always be a California girl at heart!)  I am wife to Michael (we just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary) and mother to Samantha (13yr old from my first marriage), who recently dubbed me as ‘Craft-Mom’.  I’ve been described as adventurous, creative, funny, loving and sassy.

As a child, my mother taught me the basics of sewing and crochet but my heart belong to dancing.  To me, dancing was fun and exciting, while sewing and crochet gave me a bad case of the ‘yawns’!  Dance would continue to be my passion all the way through until college.  With dancing behind me (thanks to 2 bad knees and foot surgery), I started looking around for something creative to take its place.  I started with something I knew, crocheting.  I relearned the basics and then taught myself how to read crochet patterns.  I crocheted blankets and doilies and gave them away as gifts.  Crocheting went on the back burner with the birth of my daughter and continued to stay there through a divorce, a major relocation and right on through until I met my current husband.

While planning our wedding in early 2000, I wanted to find a way to add my touch to the details and also shave some digits off the cost of our wedding and reception.  Crafting was answer!  And when that crafting bug bit me, it really sank its teeth in deep!  I made all our centerpieces (dried flower arrangements), appliqu├ęd lace and pearls on my shoes, made my own veil, embellished the cake and knife set with ribbons and pearls and then went on to teach myself how to paint some basic flowers so I could hand paint all our thank you notes (which I did!).  From 2001-2003 I taught decorative painting in the 3 local Michael's stores on the central coast of California, as well as teaching privately and participating in local craft shows.  During this time, I also learned a 15th century paper craft called Pergamano (think vellum, needles and tiny scissors).  When we relocated out of the area in 2005 I got involved in scrapbooking and have been happily playing in my piles of paper and goodies ever since! 

In December 2011 a new ‘toy’ was added to my craft mix (hey, why should the boys have all the fun?!?!?!); that toy is my Pinc eCraft.  Wow, what a world has opened up for me!  My eCraft has enabled me to create whatever embellishments I need, in whatever colors, sizes AND quantities I need too.  Having the eCraft has inspired me to push beyond my current crafting boundaries; I’m learning how to create my own designs, new techniques and new mediums.  My eCraft works as hard as I do to ensure that my creativity is at the forefront of every project I make.

I believe that all children should have a chance to 'craft', it gives them a creative outlet, and something to do with their hands and it helps them see objects in a different way.  It also never ceases to amaze me how a group of individuals can all be handed the same pieces of paper, glue and some embellishments and everyone will come up with some different and wonderful.  That's the beauty of crafting!

What will you create today?



Glad to see Jen, back? Then leave her a comment!

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  1. Hi Jennifer! Nice to meet you - looking forward to getting to know you better, team mate! ;)


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