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April 17, 2012

Design Team: Kim Gaughan Week 2 Term 3

Earth Day Challenge Week: Kim Gaughan's Sweet Flower Bases

Earth Day Challenge Week Continues! We are so excited for the projects created this week! Today, Kim upcycled some jars and other material to create some sweet flower bases!

Read her how-to:

Happy Earth Day! 

Okay, so it might not be Earth Day until Sunday, but today I have a cool project to share that you can create by re-using and recycling a few supplies. 
These old glass jars make great vases!  The heart can be customized and the ribbon detaches easily so you can wash the jar or switch up your designs!  Real flowers would look great in these jars, but since I didn't have any on hand, I re-used some flowers from another project I did.  The flower svg is from SVGAttic. They are attached to bendable straws by the heart brads in the center.
Supplies for the Jar Vases:

2 Glass Jars (I re-used pasta sauce jars)
chipboard (I used a cereal box for this, it cuts great with the eCraft)
Cardstock - Red (The Paper Company) and White (Recollections) - These were leftover 5x12 inch pieces of cardstock that I had leftover from other projects
Ribbon - 2 pieces for each jar (4 total) - the length will depend on the jar you are using
 SVG's - heart (I used SCAL3 shapes); Banners by Lori Whitlock
Xyron 5 inch Creative Station with permanent refill and Mega Runner
Black Dual Marker -Tsukineko Memento Markers
Inks: Colorbox Mini by Clearsnap in Black and Chianti; Staz-On in Black
Stamp: Single Cherry Blossom Stamp by Bombshell Stamps
Hot Glue Gun
Measuring Tape
The How-To:
First, wash and clean your jars.  The adhesive from the label was really hard to remove on the jars I used, so I did need to use an adhesive remover.
Next, you will need to measure around your jar so you will know how much ribbon to cut, be sure to add about a half inch to your total so you have room for the ribbon to overlap for the Velcro.

Take your flower stamp and stamp the image all along the length of the ribbon with Staz-On Ink.
Allow that to dry while we finish the next steps.
With your eCraft cut out 2 hearts (at 3 inches wide) and 2 banners out of chipboard (the MOM banner was cut out at 3.35 inches wide and the LOVE banner at 4 inches wide).  I cut these out of a cereal box using Pressure 6, no cardstock stabilizer and 0 tabs. 

Next, cut out 4 hearts in red cardstock and 2 pieces of each banner in white cardstock using the same widths as you cut your chipboard pieces.

For the heart, adhere one piece of red cardstock to the front of a chipboard heart and one to the back using your Xyron 5 inch Creative Station.  Do the same for the next heart and the 2 banners.  Once these are all done ink the edges of the heart in red ink and the banners with black ink.  Using your marker, write your words on the banners.  You could always use stamps for this part instead too!  After your words and ink are dry, adhere the banner on top of the heart using the Xyron Mega Runner.
Wrap your ribbon around your jar so you can see exactly where you need to attach the velcro.  Attach the velcro on all your pieces. 

For the first jar, take one end of both (two) pieces of ribbon and make sure your velcro is facing away from you.  Hot glue one end of the ribbon to the back of the heart.  Do the same with your 2nd heart and 2 pieces of ribbon.
Now all you have left to do is add some flowers and this makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one.
Hope you liked this project and if you have any questions please ask!
Don't forget you can always customize the image you use too.  These would look awesome with music notes or guitars with birthday banners.
Have a great Tuesday!

Thank you Kim! What a sweet project idea! What other projects have your created using glass jars? Let us know!

To see more of Kim's project ideas, visit her personal blog here:


  1. So Sweet, Kim! Your Mom will love them :) Love those daisy flowers. Great job!

  2. What's really cool about the velco, you could make little holiday ribbons to change out with the seasons! Oooooooo hehehe Great project Kim!


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