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March 13, 2012

Team Craftwell: Jazmin Gibbons

Groovy Wipee Case

Sponsor Challenge Week Continues! Since, Jazmin really enjoyed working with our March sponsor, Print On It: Bake & Shirk material, we invited her back for the baby shower challenge! All week long our Design Team ladies, have been challenged to create a baby shower gift, for a mama to be, using Bake & Shrink and Inkjet Opaque Print material. Jazmin, was asked to join the fun, and this is what she came up with:

I just want to say, that it's an honor to be asked back to design for Craftwell's blog. The ladies of the Design Team, have truly inspired me to become more open with my crafts, and Craftwell is amazing at spotlighting up and coming designers, and although I hardly consider myself a designer, I never turn down an opportunity to craft! That, and this gift is also going to a very cool baby girl, named Fiona!

Today, I spruced up a necessity, for any mommy! And you know, the moment you become a mom, you have to be prepared for diaper duty 24/7! So, why not turn your necessities, into accessories?! When I became the mom of my, now 5 year old baby girl, I swear I had around 4 of these wipee cases just laying around the house. I liked the size, and shape because they were less bulky than the other brands, and I used them in my car, in my husbands diaper bag (he had one, he just doesn't want to admit it ;) in my living room etc. One day, I decided to make them prettier to match my diaper bag, and before you know it, all of my wipee cased resembled hand clutches! I bought black fabric, to match my dressier diaper bag, and the bright color fabrics for my baby's everyday bag, because she loved holding it, and looking at the colors while she did her tummy time.

So, I went bright for this project, and instead of using an expensive brad, like I used to do (seriously, how did I not know, about this product before?!) for decoration, I used Bake & Shrink Material to cut out a cute button embellishment!

So, did is what I used:

For the button
Laina Lambs Office Essentials SD Card
veggie mat stabilizer
color printer
Free chevron printable pattern, found here
Print On It: Bake & Shrink material

For Wipee Case
Huggies Wipee Case
Fat Quarter Fabric
Hot Glue Gun
White Decorative Trim
Quilting Batting

To create wipee case, simply take the batting, and fabric and cut to fit the wipee case top, and repeat do to the same for the bottom. Then warm your hot glue gun, and apply glue directly to the wipee case, along the edges only, and quickly (before it dries) apply the quilting filler, so it sticks and glues together. Apply more hot glue to the edges of the case, and do the same for the fabric. Repeat on both sides of the case and trim excess. Once your are done, hot glue the decorative trim around the case, and your are done! If you opt to add a ribbon or decorative button, do this before hot gluing the trim.

For the button, I printed a lime green chevron print on my Bake & Shrink material and let it dry for about 10 minutes. Then I taped my Bake & Shrink material to a plastic veggie mat for stabilization, and cut a button form Laina Lamb's SD card. I cut  the button shape on a pressure of 6 and size of3 1/2 in.  I then baked the material, following the instruction's on the package and the button shrunk down to about 1 1/2 in. I threaded the pink ribbon, through, and glued to my wipee case.

You are done! I love that I now, can make my own embellishements using this cool material!  And by the way, Fiona's nursery is bright, and retro! I think this wipee case will fit right in, don't you think?


To see more of Jazmin's crafts, visit her personal blog here:

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