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March 18, 2012


HSN Apperance: Part 2

As promised we are back, and we are spilling the beans on our HSN appearance! This time we are taking you behind the scenes, and showing you some projects that didn't make it on air!

For our apperance, we wanted to make a table setting for our HSN to showcase the different material the eCraft can cut. Our in-house design team, came up with a color palette that popped on TV!

This is what our design team, and in-house design team used for the color palette.

FUN FACT: Some colors, such as light pink or green don't read very clearly on TV, or may look too muted. Since we wanted our table setting to pop, HSN suggested we use dark purple, reds, and orange hues as they look well on TV, and stand out the most!

We went for a modern/vintage look. All of our projects had the vintage shapes, but modern colors to marry the two distinct styles. A good examaple of this, were Denise O'Connor's tags that she created to list all of the materials the eCraft can cut.

The camera was supposed to zoom on these beauties, but because of time limitation, they were unable to include them.

Sad, huh?!

 They are beautiful! and can you believe the eCraft can cut grunge paper, and magnet paper?!

What was your favorite part of our HSN apperance? Do you have a favorite project?

Share your opinion with us!

And stay tuned for this week, as our DT will welcome Spring in their projects!

Team Craftwell


  1. How do you set the tabs an pressure when cutting the doily? :)

  2. Kjersti,

    It all depends on tab settings, and blade pressure. Also, if the cardstock is textured, we recommend cutting with the smooth side up, to avoid anything catching on the blade. Often times, the settings to use with the machine and these cuts are 1 & 1 and depending on the weight of the paper, 4-6 on blade pressure. If you want more indepth tips, email our customer support! At


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