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March 16, 2012

Design Team: Jennifer McCrae Week 10 Term 2

Jennifer's Got Spirit!

Jennifer write ups and projects are back! And today, she's created a banner, that just oozes school spirit!

Here is her tutorial:

To Chula Vista's White and Blue
We'll ever be steadfast and true,
From deep blue sea to mountain high
Our Spartan hymn will fill the sky-
Dear Alma Mater, hear our praise
For thy true guidance through the days -
And as we pass along the way
Thy Spartan name will live for aye!
Growing up in California, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what school spirit meant.  School colors on Fridays, football games Friday night and absolutely no voice come Saturday morning!  Singing our Alma Mater assemblies, school dances and the occasional ‘staff skit’...sounds pretty spirited, right?  I thought so too!  At least I did until we moved out to Texas 2 years ago...  Boy was I wrong!
At the jr. high level...yeah, JUNIOR HIGH - there are crowds at games; football games, basketball games, volleyball games, cross country meets...and the teams are HUGE!  Multiple bands, choirs, two cheerleading squads and one VERY large dance-drill team.
But it doesn’t stop there...  Locker signs, yard signs, car stickers, active booster clubs and glass cases full of trophies on display along with the pictures of the current students  that are helping to earn more.  THAT is school spirit.

This week, I added to the school spirit in our house by making my daughter a banner.  She is a Gingham Girl; strong and proud.

What I Used:
Mischief, my eCraft
eCraftshop Pro
Inkjet Opaque Print & Cut - www.
Black polyester
Heat n Bond
Hot Pink Ribbon
Hot Pink & White Ribbon
Scotch ATG

How I Did It:
The banner shape was created in eCraftshop Pro - I also used one of the free True Type Fonts (that I seem to have quite an abundance of...) and picked out a ‘G’ that I thought looked like it had some character.  After a little bit of hunting, I finally found some hot pink and lime green plaid that I printed onto the Print & Cut paper and used Mischief to cut the letters out of the chipboard and out of the now colorful paper.  I LOVE being able to use any pattern for any project (thank you printonit!  lol)!  Heat n Bond stiffened up the fabric so I could cut it in the eCraft (awesome!)...toss in a little ribbon and one very hand tape glider and you’ve got school spirit in your house!  :) want to know why I didn’t just iron the letters on?  *chuckles*  Funny story, that one is...  One word pretty much sums that up - INSTRUCTIONS.  I hear that reading them can be incredibly helpful.  Me, well...I tend to skim them.  LOL  Makes things more fun! *puts on her most convincing face and nods emphatically*

I must admit, there are times when reading INSTRUCTIONS would be really helpful and yes, this would have been one of those times.  oops *heh heh*  Seems that polyester wasn’t such a hot choice to use for this project...  And well, yes...I might have melted some when I tried ironing on the letters.

Ok FINE!   I melted the first project.  There!  I said it. *hangs head in shame*  What can I say?  This fabric stuff is new to me!  Yes, yes... Next time I promise that I will read ALL the instructions before stating that I have read and agree to the terms of use outlined in the INSTRUCTIONS ;-)

*giggles*  But boy is that Print & Cut paper strong!  lol  The polyester may have melted but the letters were still fabulous!  heeeheeheee  Shhhhhhhh  don’t tell my daughter, she thinks I used the chipboard letters on purpose!


Thank you Jenn, for that awesome tutorial! Don't you just love Jen's write ups? And her projects are not bad either! If you like Jenn's projects, then visit her personal blog here:


  1. Fantastic! I see that has created a category for eCraft. Can't wait to see what they create as well.

  2. Jen you are something..


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