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March 1, 2012

Design Team: Debi Tullier Week 8 Term 2

Debi Tullier's Brag Bag

Awww!!! We are loving Debi's project! Those grandkids of Debi's are super adorable!!! And now Debi, can show the world what a beautiful family she has, by showing off her new bag! Using our March Sponsors, Print on it Inkject Opaque Print & Cut Material and Bake & Shrink, Debi created a sweet bag, that will be the talk of the town!

Brag Bag
So many times I have a need for a zippered bag. So many times I reach for photos of my sweet babies so this little project brings both together! I am in Love!!!
I have found products that allow me to customize my sweet little bag and really create a sweet memory and brag bag!!! By the way if you are not a sewer you can still use my favorite products to create your own brag bag. Very simple purchase a ready made cloth zippered bag. See them often in the school supply area.
Lets get started….

Craftwell   eCraft Die Cutting system

Basic shape   files for cutting zipper pulls

a 9.5 by   13.5 inch piece of a cotton type fabric from JoAnn's Fabrics

one plastic   zipper from JoAnn's Fabrics

pins from   JoAnn's Fabrics

thread from   JoAnn's Fabrics

at least a   straight stitch sewing machine from JoAnn's   Fabrics

a zippered   premade pouch

a digital   photo and an ink jet printer for printing on transfer

Zap Heat   Gun

Berol   Prismacolor markers from   Hobby Lobby

hole punch   from Hobby Lobby

Bake &   Shrink (this is the most wonderful item, it makes a   fabulous result)

Inkjet Opaque Print &   Cut   (this is a way to transfer your images to dark fabric) LOVE   IT…

The project was really quite easy. I first decided on the photo that I wanted to use. I used a photo editor to size it and add a frame to it. I then printed it out. I quickly cut it out with my eCraft as a rectangle shape very fast and easy. I used #1 pressure and not tabs. I used the film side up, and basically kiss cut it.

To apply to fabric you set your iron to cotton setting and then place a piece of parchment paper and then iron gently for 20 seconds and then with firm pressure again for another 20 seconds. Wait till cool to take the parchment paper off.

Zipper installation is easy too. (it really is) Just lay face down like in above photo. Sew on the upper edge, Then fold fabric in half and place zipper on other side and sew it. Turn inside out and then the next step is to sew the sides. I use a plastic zipper so that I can sew thru it. I sew on the inside of the zipper in the front of the metal clip (DO NOT SEW WILL BREAK NEEDLE IF YOU RUN OVER METAL) over the plastic teeth. Then I clip off the extra zipper material. Will post a link later for sewing the zipper.

Next I used my eCraft to cut out the Bake and Shrink. I love this stuff not like the shrinking film but more like a thin clay type of result when shrunk. I love it, it is my new favorite thing. I can do so much with it. It cut out using #6 pressure and I did tape it to a sheet of 12 x 12 cardstock so it would not move sideways. I colored it with stamps and Berol Prismacolor markers. and then I took the plunge..

it is a little over 2 inches here..

first time I did this I was so scared it would get stuck…

then it relaxed..

see the size reduction about 3/4 shrinkage. You can also mold it to shape while hot.

I love this stuff…
Now when I am with my friends and want to brag a little…..I got my bag!!!
I love having fun with you! Wait till next week I have some Jeweled ideas to share with you!


Thank you Debi! Aren't those kiddos adorable?! What is your favorite part about this project?

Leave your feedback!!! and let Debi know how awesome she did!

For more of Debi's awesomeness, visit her blog here:


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