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February 21, 2012

Design Team: Debi Tullier Week 7 Term 2

Write to my Heart Trinket Box and eCwik Video Tip

Debi is so sweet! and you already know it, but guess what? Her project is even more so! How is that possible? See her tutorial below!

I want to finish out this month’s great sponsors’ products with another item that I will enjoy as well as remember the fun I had making it.

Thank you so much to Unity Stamps for their Birds of a Feather stamp set. I truly will see myself using them again and again! I wish they were even large format 4 to 8 inches and I would be stamping all of my kitchen items with them!

I also want to thank eCraft Diecutable Cardstock from The PaperMill Store for the beautiful array of rich colors. I enjoy the swatch booklet as I can take it with me to select items to match to it for my products. I wish other companies would follow suit.

I also have enjoyed using my eCraft with this project. The medallions cut easily and I loved embossing them. A job for the future eBosser!!!


Card Stock - eCraft Diecutable Cardstock from The PaperMill Store
“Birds of a Feather” from Unity Stamps
Gelatin square for acrylic texture on front of box Made my own from unflavored gelatin
Assorted liquid acrylics from JoAnn's Fabrics
Prismacolor Pencils from JoAnn's Fabrics
Colorbox Ink pad from Hobby Lobby
CraftwellUSA’s eCraft Personal Die Cutting System!
3D thick Adhesive squares - 3L Adhesive
Sandpaper block from Lowes
Sizzix heart embossing folder (wish I had the eBosser)
yarns, and other textiles (for photo) from Joann’s Fabrics
Paper Heart Box from Local Dollar Store

Right now one of the biggest crazes in textile art is the Gelli Plate. It is a reusable “gelatin” slab used to brayer inks and stamps images on. It can be then used to place images on cloth for further embellishment. Back in the day before the easy days of purchasing supplies easily, we used unflavored gelatin in a pan to make our own “printing” plates. There are a great many online tutorials for making these.

I printed the back and then used on of the elements on a Unity Stamps stamp to create the heart and flourish decoration. I then used my Prismacolor pencils to shade them in. Next I used my Craftwell’s eCraft die cutting machine to make the medallions, I also used a Sizzix embossing die for the hearts, and also a partial emboss of one of the dies for the Write medallion. I used my Card Stock - eCraft Diecutable Cardstock from The PaperMill Store for the red medallion. I used a paper with a white core to do the other. I then softly sanded the paper to show the white under paper for dramatic effect.

I also used 3L Adhesive 3d tabs for the raised appearance of my medallions.

I will treasure my Heart box! I never make anything just for me and this is it!!!
It is time to not forget you!! Make something just for you today!!

Please enjoy my Video it is short but sweet and shows more about using the eCraft software!

By the way…..
Happy Mardi Gras!!!

Happy Mardi Gras to you Debi!!! Did you like Debi's sweet project? Leaver her a comment! and when you have time, visit her personal blog here:


  1. That is a really neat technique, I've never heard of it before (no surprise there, I'm a mushroom in my house lol). I love that you shared this though, I never knew there was a way to do that sort of background :)

  2. Great tip. Can you please help me? I just opened my ecraft machine tonight and did the flower cut that ecraft guides you through in the quick start guide. I love how the machine operates but I got terrible cuts every time due to the tabs or nibs on my cuts looking so bad. Is there a way to correct this? I so want to keep this machine but all those tabs are a deal breaker for me. Thanks so much in advance for your help.


  3. Debi this is really beautiful great tips!

  4. I missed Mardi Gras. lol I love this tip Debi!!!! ;)And I love all of that embossing what a beautiful project!


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