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November 8, 2011

Design Team: Debi Tullier Week 8

Debi Tullier's Fabric "Vintage" Ornament 

We have a great fabric tutorial by our fabric queen Debi Tullier! Today, she will show us how to make a vintage ornament cutting fabric with the eCraft and adding some sweet sentiment with our November sponsor, Pink by Design.

Ecrafting a Quilted Dresden Plate  “Vintage” Ornament 

My Craftwell eCraft affords me a wonderful opportunity to reproduce very quickly items that used to take me forever to hand cut. I love the way that I can set up my machine for a short run of cutting out fabrics for special piecing projects! This time I decided it was time to work on a rather unique Christmas ornament! 

I love fabrics and the eCraft does cut my quilting weight cotton very easily. I do mine a little different than most. For fabric without the heat-n-bond backing I use freezer paper.

My method is to starch the fabric and then iron freezer paper on both sides. I only cut it with a 3.5 pressure on the dial. I don’t multicut or use tabs. I also leave the cap on the cutter. I know that it is labor intensive but I get great cuts with this method.

You can see how stiff the three sheets are. I made these 11X11 and the freezer paper 12x12. I try to get all wrinkles out of the paper. I haven’t had any jams or problems with this method.

This is the pattern that I used. It is a simple Dresden Plate quilting template. The template will be available soon.  I cut the design on all three colors of fabric. 

You can barely see the cuts but they are there. I just had to pop the shapes out and get busy! You can see how sharp the cuts are not a frayed edge in the bunch. I laid them out for my design order.

Next off to the sewing machine, I carefully stitched the edges together. I did not use a 1/4 inch edge I actually just stitch right at the edge of the shape.

I always iron my sewing project for a more finished look. This is what it looked like after sewing.

I used a decorative stitch down the seam line. I zigzagged the edge to prevent fraying. It was very easy.

Next I decided to add some Holiday Greetings to my “plate”. I love the Pink By Design stamps. They have stamps for every occasion. I love their designs.

I used fabric markers to moisten my stamps for fabric stamping.  I used an iron to set the ink.

I laid out my “plate” for the best position for my stamping. I also used the wreath stamp to decorate the yo-yo I made for the center of my ornament.

Once I stamped the wreath, I used colored pencils to add color to my image. Since it won’t be washed I can use them for this project.

I love the “Vintage” look that I achieved with the combination of some great tools- The eCraft by CraftwellUSA and the wonderful stamps of Design By Pink!

Thank you for coming to see my project this week I look forward to next week’s project. Don’t forget that I will have a video tutorial on Friday. You Wooden want to miss it. I will be showing you had to cut something you won’t believe!

Thank you, for this awesome tutorial! If you would like to know more about Debi's fabulous fabric tutorials, go visit her blog here:

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