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November 1, 2011

Design Team: Debi Tullier Week 7

Debi Tullier's Sweet Holiday Bowl

We all know Debi knows her way with fabric. She can really come up with the coolest things! Today, she will show you how to create a bowl with fabric! YES! a bowl using fabric! don't believe me? read on!

Time for something different and today I am creating a sweet holiday bowl. It is pretty amazing what you can make with your ecraft! This sweet bowl was created with a cool embellishment from a great source for all of your stamping needs

The link for this svg file for this project will be available on my blog. The bowl is made from fabric but you could cut it out of cardstock and lace it together with eyelets or even tape it with decorative tape.

Supply List
Pink by Design Stamps
Acrylic stamp block
Fabric (a quilting weight) cotton
<“Stiffy”a fabric stiffener
thread and matching cord
ink pad and color pencils
fabrico fabric markers
painter’s tape
bone folder
sewing machine (basic straight and zigzag stitch)
punch and eyelet
eCraft Settings:
Pressure 3
Cap on
No Tabs
Used vegetable cutting sheet for

Let’s get started! First I decided on a shape for my bowl. I used six sided form for the base. You can work with different amount of side but might have to change the width of the side pieces.

I designed the shapes and used auto fill for the large “bow tie” side pieces. I was able to fit four in a cutting session. I used the space at the bottom for the two bottom pieces. I had to cut an additional two side pieces to complete my bowl.

To prep my fabric for cutting I used" Plaid’s Stiffy I knew I need a firm form and I didn’t want to use interfacing on this project.

You coat the fabric with Stiffy and smooth it out. Allow it to dry. When it dries your fabric is stiff like cardstock and cuts very easily. The only drawback is that the Stiffy doesn’t come out so your fabric will remain firm, but for this project that is what I want.

I anchored my fabric to a cutting sheet for stabilization in my eCraft machine. I used painter’s tape to hold the fabric on the sheet while cutting. 
This cuts incredibly easy. Not all fabrics cut as well as cotton. The fabric for example polyester has tough fibers that pull when trying to cut and can skew and distort your pattern.

My pattern pieces easily popped out and were ready to be assembled.

Next I took the “bow tie” shapes and folded them over to make the sides of my bowl

I used a “bone” folder or smoothing tool to burnish the fold of my side piece. I laid out my pieces for sewing.

I also stamped my greeting in the bowl bottom before stitching it together.

To sew take the two bottom pieces sandwiched together and one side piece and sew together with a close zig zag stitch or satin stitch. Do not take out of machine or cut thread when you get tho the end of the first side piece needle down in your fabric and pivot the bottom and add another side to stitch together

When all the sides are attached it will look like this

Then pinch the sides together and sew them. The bowl will cup or roll up a little but this is okay just the form of the bowl.

Once you have finished the sides then it is time to do the edge. Now you can either continue to zig zag it or be creative and do your thing. Hot glue trim, beads, fringe what ever fits your style. I am a stitchin kinda girl so I satin stitched my edge.

For a little extra pizzazz I added a sweet stamp on postage stamp shaped form I love the Cardinal on the Pink by Design stamp and had to have it as a design element in my bowl design. 

I stamped it on with a dark blue fabrico marker rubbed across the stamping face. I pressed it down and then allowed it to dry. I then used my prismacolor pencils to shade and add color to my “Holiday Stamp”
I added an eyelet to attach it to my bowl in a baby blue shade.

I used a little clip to attach my stamp to my bowl. I took some baby blue perle cotton cord to make the cord to attach my projects together.

My bowl is ready to entertain, or be gifted to one of my loved ones. They know how much love I put into my creations, just like you! I hope that you enjoyed my project this week. I try to keep you in mind, so that I can create so interesting items for you to enjoy!&nbsp; Please leave me comments, or links to your creations, I would love to see yours, too!

Thank you Debi! How cool is that?! If you are like us and can't get enough of Debi's talents, go visit her blog here:

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