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September 20, 2011

Design Team: Debi Tullier Week 1

 Design Star: Debi Tullier
 Tuesday is here, and that means more projects from our Design Team! Today we have our fabric designer Debi Tullier! She really surprised us with this project, and we can't wait to share. Want to know how she did it? read on!
The world saw the wildness of design in the last few days. A designer who has made it quite large in several decades with his use of zig-zag lines has reappeared and is so hot!
Well I love his design, so simple but so appealing. I love earrings and the bigger the better. His design was just the thing I needed for some over the top earrings! These are my light to wear Chandelier style Earrings! You too can have some just follow some easy directions.

I decided to use my Fundamentals 1 SD card which came with my eCraft for a design that would work! I love this heart design and saw right away that the cut out would work with the heart as a topper for my earrings. 

You can use any design that works for you. I also made up an image to use on fabric which I used for this project. Lets get started!

The first thing is to prepare your fabric for inkjet printing. I use a product called Bubble Jet Set 2000. It makes fabric (natural fabrics do best)able to be used in an inkjet printer. The image will remain and not run off of your item. I soak the cotton fabric in the Bubble Jet Set solution for five minutes and then after it is dry, it is then ironed on freezer paper cut eleven by eight and a half inches. It is now ready for the printer. My image was easy. I captured it from a pattern I made but remember you only want to use your own copyright free images. You can also use ready prepared inkjet ready fabric.

After printing I placed the fabric in the eCraft and cut out my design. The software that comes with the machine makes it so easy to place your design. This machine also works with "SCAL" and "MTC". I just love the ability to use programs to design and also the ability to use the eCraft's SD card library as well!

The eCraft makes cutting fabric so easy. 

After cutting out all of my pieces I applied "heat-n-bond" to the back of my earring pieces so I could adhere them to each other.

I decided to use a thread called "button hole twist" to connect the pieces. This thread is very tough and works quite well for hold. The most work believe it or not was pulling the paper off and sticking the two halves together. I mirror imaged the two so they would hang correctly.

Once the pieces were placed together I punched the hole for the jump ring. 

I am so excited I can't wait to wear these. I also decided to make these have a shiny surface so I used I used "modge podge" like coating on them. I love using fabric and find that the weight of most large earrings makes my ears pull. It is not very attractive at all. These earrings are large, bold and light! What a fashion statement!! I love them and hope you will too! 
Thanks to my model!
Remember feel free to share comments, offer suggestions or ask questions. I want to have fun and want others to as well. Can't wait to see you next Tuesday!!

Thank you, Debi for this super cute project! We are loving those earrings! Don't forget to link back to Debi's official blog, for more tips, tricks and projects ideas!


  1. So Beautiful and Creative, Debi!

  2. Oh WOWZERS!!!!Debi you reallly did a wonderful job on these earrings....They are absoutley fabulous.... I love love them.

  3. I love this project! Couldn't you save a few steps by just applying the heat-n-bond to the fabric first then bond the rough-cut pieces back-to-back before putting it into the ecraft? Or would this be too thick? If it's not a thickness issue, but the lack of a sticky mat...couldn't you then apply the freezer paper to the fused double fabric just prior to cutting? If it would work this way, you wouldn't have to line up the mirror images. Would love to know if it could work this way. Thanks so much.

  4. It would have. I will do it next time to see. I just sometimes like all do what I am used to. You might have saved me a step, Thank you!

  5. Outstanding job Debi! I love them!!

  6. Looks awesome Deb, you rocked these earrings, how creative you are!!!

  7. Debi never ceases to amaze me with her creativity. She is a great addition to the team

  8. Debi this is so great. I want a set of these earings! Where can I get some????? Soon hopefully ;)


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