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January 4, 2017

So Many Smiles

2016-12-27 16.04.06 copy
Our 23rd wedding anniversary is just around the corner and I found this saying on and it's perfect for what I had in mind....  a not so mini way of sharing a bunch of photos we've taken over the years -- goofy smiles included -- yeah, I know you don't see any of those smiling images -- but you do see some fun embossed pieces using folders from Teresa Collins and Craftwell.  The sentiment was eBrushed using a stencil cut on my electronic die cutting machine.  Let's get started on the process....
You'll need:
eBrush and marker adapter
markers (Sharpies were used in this project)
electronic die cutting machine and associated software
So Many Smiles file
embossing folders (Decor Circles, Alpha, Beautiful Words, Stars,Twill Herringbone Preppy Houndstooth, Diamonds, Cabana)
Prepped Wood (I'm recycling another shelf)

fabric strips or twine
heavy duty stapler
Painters' tape
scrap paper or copies of photos  cut into 4 inch squares
binder clips
Transfer tape
Sawtooth hanger - and nails

Open the So Many Smiles file in your machine's software.  Size as desired.  Cut using your machines settings for vinyl.  Weed (remove the lettering), creating a stencil.  Apply transfer tape.  Set aside.  At this point, add the sawtooth hanger to the back of the board if you plan on hanging your board.  Apply the stencil to the wood.  Lightly burnish to make sure that no spray will bleed under the vinyl while you're spraying. 

Get your eBrush ready!  Seat the markers for an even spray.  Spray and color as desired.  Let dry. Remove the stencil carefully. Spray with two very light coats of sealer, letting the first coat dry for a few hours before spraying again.  This will add a little protection and keep the marker from scratching if your board has a really slick surface (My shelf was still a bit too "slick" and the marker scratched off in a couple of spots and touching up created another scratch instead of fill). 

2016-12-27 16.04.39 copy
I chose to use some fabric strips -- 1 inch by 45 inches tied together with a simple knot.  I knotted one end and secured it to the back of the board with a staple.  You could also use a glue gun to secure the strips in place....  Wrap the strips around the board as desired, securing with staples as needed.  Set aside
Gather your embossing folders  -- time to use the Cut-n-Boss. 

Using the 4 inch squares, emboss as desired -- using some fun folders in the Cut-n-Boss.  Attach to the fabric strips with a binder clip....
2016-12-27 16.04.24 copy
2016-12-27 16.04.24 copy
2016-12-27 16.04.24 copy
I'll add some photos  a little later....  I don't want T so see the pics until I give him the gift!  In the meantime, I hope you'll be enjoying some time in your creative space this week! There's more ideas using the eBrush on my blog -- so please feel free to drop by and browse! 

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