March 20, 2018

Love You Altered Embroidery Hoop Layout

Welcome to the Craftwell Blog, Desiree' here!Today I'm sharing an altered embroidery hoop I titled  "Love You", and it features the Bella Rose embossing folder by Craftwell  it's just beautiful!

The impression is SO on point! Plus I am just a sucker for Rose everything! 💕 I also used many things from my craft horde. You know, those pretty things that you try not to use! The kind I get guilt pangs for using! It's not only me? Right?! Well I used some of THOSE things!

Craftwell eBrush
Craftwell Cut N' Boss
Craftwell Bella Rose embossing folder
9 1/2 wooden embroidery hoop
Gold Sharpie
Deep Blue Sharpie
Hot glue gun
White gesso
White acrylic paint
Patterned papers
White vellum paper
Wooden butterflies
Sequined trim
Lace ribbons
Flower cabochons
Paper flowers
Double sided tape
Glue sticks

The first step in making this altered embroidery hoop, was choosing the papers, trims, embellishments, and the picture I was going to use. The next step was to emboss my vellum.
I decided to use the Bella Rose embossing folder because to me it's just gorgeous!

After it was embossed beautifully, I knew I needed to cut my papers to fit the hoop's circular
shape. I trace around the outside of the hoop on both my vellum and patterned papers.
Then I decided to get out my beloved eBrush, and ebrushed around the circle before cutting
them out by hand.

Next I separated the 2 parts of the hoop. I covered them in gesso and let them dry.
Then I painted both parts white and let them dry. Once all that was done I took my
embossed vellum and adhered it to my patterned paper. I wanted to mute the paper a bit.
That is why I chose to put embossed vellum over the patterned paper. I wanted the pic to pop!
I took my papers that had been cut into a circle to fit the embroidery hoop and hot glued it to
the back of the hoop. I hot glued my sequined trim around the front of the hoop, and adhered
flat-backed pearls around the inside edge of the hoop. I used my electronic cutting machine to
cut out a mat for my picture, and cut out some paper bows too. I did some more eBrushing to
the edges of the bows and mat using my deep blue Sharpie.
I matted my picture, decided where I liked all my elements then glued them into place. I cut
some of my ribbons and trims, so that they could hang down from the hoop. I then placed some cabochons and butterflies to the bottom of  a few of the strands. The following pictures are the end result.

I love altering embroidery hoops! If you have not made one yet, I encourage you to give it a try!
They are affordable and I warn you addictive to make, and so much fun! It is my hope that you liked what you have seen and that some how you were also inspired!

                             Have a blessed day!   - Desiree'


  1. Lovely. Nice color palette. Good balance of the"goodies." Liking the "tails" hanging down.

    1. Thank you! Sorry so late! I value your opinion always! Yeah, I wanted this to have a *Hippy Vibe* I think the *tails* pulled that off. Much love hun!

  2. I love the embossed details on the vellum. Beautiful result with all the details and the amazing picture. Tfs

    1. So late again! I sincerely, thank you! Such kind words. Stay blessed!

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  7. Such a beautiful embroidery art work... I really appreciate your work and efforts.