January 5, 2017

DIY Butterfly Tea Bags (Inspired by Designer Yena Lee)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  It's January 2017 so this means that winter is in full swing!
What better way to enjoy your hot toddy or warm tea than with a little flourish & personal touch?

While this is a commercial design, I thought anyone at home can give it a shot!

+Cut'n'Boss machine + platforms
+Sharpie Fine Tip markers, choose colors that complement the cardstock
+white paint or whiteout (optional)
+heavyweight cardstock, at least 90 lbs
+butterfly die from Teresa Collins TODAY Die Set
+tea bag of choice


1.  I will be using the realistic butterfly tutorial for this project!  This time I chose a red cardstock
and complemented the color with magenta & purple fine tip Sharpies.

2.  After all the coloring is done, I added some white dots for a bit of brightness.

3.  Fold the butterfly in half & use the scissors to cut a heart shape from the middle.  The point of the heart will cling onto the edge of the mug or cup.

4.  Cut off or untie the tea bag from its paper tag.  Tie the twine through the center of the heart so
the butterfly acts as the tea tag.

5.  TADA!  Now you have a cute, personal butterfly at the edge of your tea cup!
Make a huge set of butterfly tea bags for a party or a gathering to impress your family & friends.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  Make 2017 a fun year for yourself & others!


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